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Slowly we are finished with the expansion of our school bus and already comes the next project. This VW T3 has one night for inexplicable reasons, the battery started to burn and large parts of the engine, as well as the interior of the bus were destroyed. Our task now is to restore this sweetheart and get it back on the road. First we tore out all the things that were no longer usable to get an overview. Since the engine had taken quite a beating from the fire, we decided to remove it and take it to an engine rebuilder. Now we had time to take care of the body. The paint was burnt in many places and some sheet metal had warped due to the heat. Accordingly, we dented the body, treated rust, partially at spackled and painted. A new underbody protection we have applied in the necessary places again. The rear and right side windows were cracked by the fire, so we replaced them with new seals. The interior of the Bulli was covered with 4mm poplar plywood and the necessary parts were replaced. The engine was repaired, but a lot of work had to be done to get it running again. The entire electrical system, all water, oil and diesel hoses and all gaskets and engine attachments had to be replaced. After 2 months of work it is done. The Bulli is roadworthy again and its owner is happy.

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