Month: March 2022

A brief review

We’ve been asked repeatedly over the past few months where we are, what we’re doing, and why there are no recent blog posts.

The year 2021 was not easy for us. Early on, we were floored by the news that a beloved family member had died. After some back and forth thinking, we decided to pause the trip and head back to Germany.

There we spent the days organizing the funeral and taking care of the estate. As if all this wasn’t hard enough, our checking accounts were getting emptier by the day. Traveling was out of the question for the time.

But hey- in Germany summer was just around the corner, for us the ideal time to replenish our travel funds.

In order to offer other adventurers and people looking for an alternative the possibility to realize their dream, we started the project “Cankuna Campers” about 2 years ago. Since then, we have converted buses and vans (sometimes more and sometimes less regularly) for, or even with, other people, allowing us to pass on our experience and make the upgrades as sustainable as possible.

Again and again inquiries for solar conversions and complete rebuilds came in and we were already booked up after a short time for the next 9 months.

There was no end to the work and our departure date moved further and further back.

Meanwhile, in addition to a job we’re finishing up, we’re in the process of planning our next big trip. In about a week we will go to England for the first time. We will make our way up the coast through Cornwall and Wales, then cross over to Ireland. We have stopped setting precise goals and time frames and instead just travel. Nevertheless, there is a big dream for us to travel to New Zealand and Australia with our bus. To make this dream come true, we will probably ship the bus to New Zealand next year and stay there as long as we want.