Home Camper

We have made it our mission to give everyone unconditional freedom in a home on four wheels. Whether through the national parks of America, the vastness of Mongolia, with baby on board in the direction of Scandinavia or on the weekend with friends to Lake Constance. No matter how big your adventure should be or will be, we transform everything that rolls into your individual motorhome.

Through many years of experience, it is possible for us to design the campers according to your taste and transform them into absolutely unique pieces through loving handwork. We attach great importance to sustainable and high-quality construction and use ecological, or recycled materials whenever possible. We do not use solvent-based paints or varnishes at all and if you want a toilet, we only use separating or composting toilets. For us, sustainably built vans that are energy self-sufficient and have resource-saving toilets and water systems are a solution for sustainable travel.



Things that we can do well…