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This Fiat Ducato from 2020, we have spent the last 4 months transformed into a custom motorhome. The van is perfect for longer trips and is completely self-sufficient. Due to the installed Truma combi heater and the 2 cm thick insulation, you can start in any season in the next adventure. The 200 watt solar panel, the inverter and the 220 a/h battery, which is also charged while driving via the alternator, cover the daily energy needs and provide even in bad weather and far from campsites, or shore power for sufficient energy. The kitchenette is equipped with a gas hob, a copper sink and a compressor refrigerator from Dometic. Under the 130x180cm bed is the 120 liter fresh water tank and plenty of storage space, which is convenient to load or unload through the pull-out on heavy-duty hinges. There is also a sit-down bath that also functions as a seat, allowing two people to sit at the fold-out table. The driver’s seat is equipped with a swivel console, so you can also integrate it into the expansion. This lovingly and individually designed camper-van, is the perfect solution for a spacious motorhome, which you can still drive in city traffic and thus also use as an everyday vehicle.