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Julian’s passions are working and designing with wood, as well as renewable energy systems to enable self-sufficient living with respect for nature. In doing so, he is constantly developing new ideas and is always fascinated by the possibilities that we have but often do not use.



I work as a freelance artist, out of my rolling studio. I like to be inspired by our travels and try to give back to nature whenever I can through fundraising and activism. My designs and artwork reflect my love for freedom, travel and the world.


How It All Started…

Our story with bus life starts like most – After graduation, we decided to leave our home behind for an indefinite period of time to enjoy our newly acquired freedom. And what better way to live out your independence than in a 30-year-old VW bus that rattles all over the place and is full of surprises. A few trips later, Julian decided to live full time in his VW T3.

However, two or three (with our dog Rusty) became too tight in the long run, so we tried the usual way: house, job, obligations, paying bills and not finding time for the things you really want to do in your life. After a short time, we got tired of investing our valuable time in jobs that didn’t make us happy. So we quickly realized that we had to change some things in our lives.

In the spring of 2019, we decided to rebuild the bus we had always dreamed of. We bought a Bluebird International (American school bus) from 1989. Thus began a most gigantic project. Around the same time we decided to launch Cankuna Campers, a project that has been close to our hearts for a long time, in order to offer other adventurers and people looking for an alternative the possibility to realize their dream.

Since then, we travel with our bus across europe. Along the way, we sell art, design products and coffee at markets and festivals, and organize beach clean-ups, marine conservation projects and fundraisers.

When we stay at a site for an extended period of time, we also accept jobs to build out buses or Tiny Houses.