Mrs. Robinson

3 room apartment on wheels

Home Portfolio Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is an eleven meter long and 10 ton International School Bus from 1989, which was originally used to transport American school children until it crossed the Atlantic 20 years ago and came to Germany. There it was rented out for special events and used as a promotional vehicle until it came into our hands after 3 years of retirement.

We are now painstakingly restoring it so that we can soon call it our home.

We have already raised the roof by 30 cm, cut out part of the rear, for a porch, as well as insulated the entire interior with Trocellen.

Since we don’t know exactly where we’re headed yet, we want to be ready for anything.

A sophisticated heating system with wood stove, floor heating and hot water boiler, should make even a trip through colder regions pleasant. The 2000 watt solar system, and the 2, 220 Ah gel batteries allow us a completely self-sufficient power supply.

The 300 liter fresh water tank supplies us with enough water and with our water filters we can even drink the water from a pond. To increase the range on the one hand and to travel a bit more environmentally friendly on the other hand we have a 100 liter diesel tank and another 100 liter vegetable oil tank, which we fill with processed chip fat.

Interior features include a spacious kitchen with stove, oven, wood-burning stove, sink and refrigerator, shower, composting toilet, workspace, sofa, plenty of storage, and sleeping accommodations for up to four people.

Our porch gives us the opportunity to sit outside under cover and look into the distance, as well as during the trip, parking for the bikes.