Mrs. Robinson

3 room apartment on wheels

Home Portfolio Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is an eleven meter long and 10 ton International School Bus from 1989, which was originally used to transport American school children until it crossed the Atlantic 20 years ago and came to Germany. There it was rented out for special occasions and used as a promotional vehicle until, after 3 years of retirement, it fell into our hands.

In hard work we restored and rebuilt it for two years to be able to call it our home now.

Since we never know exactly where it will take us, we want to be prepared for everything.

A sophisticated heating system with wood stove, underfloor heating and hot water boiler, makes even a trip through colder regions pleasant. The 2000 watt solar system, and the 2, 220 Ah gel batteries allow us a completely self-sufficient power supply, with which we can run our hot water boiler, refrigerator and even our coffeemachine.

The 300 liter fresh water tank provides us with enough water and with our water filters we can even drink the water from a pond. The interior includes a spacious kitchen with gas stove, oven, wood stove, sink, refrigerator, a shower, a composting toilet, a workspace, a sofa, lots of storage space, and sleeping accommodations for up to four people.

Our porch gives us the opportunity to sit outside under cover and look into the distance, as well as during the trip, parking for the motorcycle or bicycles.