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We have been tackling the most pressing environmental problems of our planet for several years now, trying to create a future worth living for everyone as best we can. Again and again we organize beach-clean-ups, actively campaign for marine protection and collect donations. Unfortunately, we often get the feeling that too little is being done about climate change and that can be quite frustrating and when you are frustrated, it is much harder to get involved.

That’s why we decided to tackle the problems differently.

Instead of pointing fingers or blaming others, we want to look for solutions.

We want to set out on a journey to find those people who have already successfully initiated sustainable projects and thus contribute to a better future.

First of all, our journey shall go to Great Britain. We have read about many exciting initiatives that act, live and manage ecologically. We want to visit these initiatives and report about them on our blog and social media.

In this way, we want to inspire and encourage even more people and also motivate them to take action.

Because every single one of us can make a difference and together it can become a whole movement.

Our vision is to bring together an army of volunteers to help protect the environment. The mission is to defend biodiversity, stop the destruction of ecosystems, do something positive together and have a great time doing it.

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