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This time last year, we had list after list on our kitchen table. Whenever we got something done, sold something, gave something away, or disposed of something, we could cross it off. Today, thankfully, there is only one list of places we want to travel to.

After 14 months of hard work, with some nervous breakdowns and tears of joy, we finally moved into the bus in May. The time of the construction site was quite hard, because Julian was doing his apprenticeship year as an educator at the same time and therefore could only work on the bus on weekends or in the evenings. I was able to prepare and organize some things, but for many things Julian’s “know how” was needed. At that time, everything was far from finished, but we wanted to move as soon as possible to save valuable money that we were spending on renting an apartment where we were really only staying to sleep. When we moved into the bus, we felt much freer and more self-determined. It is our first home that belongs only to us, and which we built with our own hands. We understand all the systems and processes in the bus, so we can always optimize them or repair them in case of damage. This is exactly what we have always dreamed of, having long conversations around the fire with our friends.

However, no one would have expected that we would decide so quickly to leave our old lives behind and fulfill our dreams.

-not even us.

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